Why invest in Bangalore’s real estate?

The real-estate sector in India is constantly going through period of transition, which is why investing in real estate take a lot of financial planning and a risk free strategy. With a sluggish real estate sector in India in the past few years, there seems to be hope for the real-estate sector here to make a turnaround in 2016. With a number of government back initiatives in the housing sector, sales are expected to rise this year. Drives by government such as the probable implementation of the real estate bill, building smart cities, easing FDI norms for investment from overseas and the introduction of REITs (Real estate Investment Trust) will bring in much required transparency in the real estate sector to boost investor confidence in the coming years.

One of the leading real estate markets in India, especially in Bangalore is Whitefield. Good connectivity and affordable property prices will continue to drive Whitefield as a premium and preferred destination to invest in Real estate. Located in proximity to one of the major IT hubs of the city housing numerous MNCs, Whitefield is ideal for professionals looking for a home close to their work place for a perfect work-life balance. There has been an increase in the number of high-end residential projects mushrooming across parts of the city, especially in and around Whitefield, where there is high demand and appreciation for residential properties.

Among the best residential projects in Whitefield Sumadhura Infracon Pvt Ltds various offerings. With thousands of happy families calling Sumadhura HOME, there are a number of ongoing projects as well. The best part are the offers being given by Sumadhura that also includes an opportunity to get upto 7Lakh* cash back for the home interiors charges. Premium homes surrounded by greenery and close to work, school, hospitals, shopping, public transport and entertainment centres makes it the ideal place to invest in. The ongoing projects by Sumadhura are:

Sumadhura Shikharam: In the vicinity of leading tech parks and Whitefield’s distinguished landmarks: Forum Value Mall, Hope Farms and Satya Sai Hospital.

Sumadhura Pranavam: Has world class amenities that includes an outdoor swimming pool combined with toddler’s pool deck, a Club house area with Equipped Gym, Indoor Multipurpose community Hall for Yoga/Aerobics/ Meditation & Table Tennis etc.

Sumadhura Lake Breeze: Offers premium 2,3 and 4BHK homes and is in the vicinity of well-known locations: Ryan International School, Kundanahalli Gate, Sankara Eye Hospital, Hindustan Lever Limited.

Sumadhura Silver Ripples: With prominent malls, multiplexes and IT parks close at hand, Silver Ripples is ideal for a perfect Work-Life balance.

Sumadhura Essenza: Located in the vicinity of the largest IT/ITES Hubs of India. Surrounded by reputed educational institutions, renowned hospitals and entertainment centres, Sumadhura Essenza is the right choice for many.

For information on current offers by Sumadhura, please visit: www.sumadhuragroup.com


Why thousands chose to call Sumadhura, HOME?

There are many aspects that go into building ideal homes in cities. Things such as location, amenities, construction quality, types of interiors, proximity to essential services and much more. Whether the new home buyer is a professional or family, the above parameters are common for all.

At Sumadhura Infracon, not only are the locations for projects chosen meticulously, the latest technological resources in the construction industry are employed to deliver premium homes for customers. Situated at select locations in the IT hub of Bangalore, Whitefield, Sumadhura’s projects are spread over an expanse of 2.5 million Sq Ft. Sumadhura offers high end 2BHK, 3BHK and 4BHK homes in the heart of Whitefield in Bangalore.  Are you a professional looking to buy your new home close to your workplace and with low up-front costs and flexibility to relocate? Or are you looking for your new home for your family that has amenities such as swimming pool, club house and proximity to public transportation, schools for children, etc? Whatever maybe your requirements, Sumadhura’s offerings in Whitefield suit all your needs. There are more than 1800+ happy families who call Sumadhura their home. With good management and maintenance, Sumadhura is known for its impeccable quality in construction and on time delivery, every time. Sumadhura’s dedication towards excellence in the field is unparalleled and is why it is the preferred developer in Bangalore.

With round the clock security, Sumadhura’s projects are also ecofriendly with water harvesting facility to save water and reduce its ecological footprint. Sumadhura also provides special payment offers and schemes for its customers. With over 12 completed projects and many more in the pipeline, now is the right time to invest in your dream home in the heart of Whitefield and be part of the fun, ecofriendly residential community.

Ongoing Projects:


Sumadhura Shikharam is located at Seegehalli, which is very close to ITPL Tech Park. The project offers premium 2BHK and 3BHK apartments and is in the vicinity of leading tech parks and Whitefield’s distinguished landmarks like Forum Value Mall, Hope Farms and Satya Sai Hospital.


Located behind ITPL in Whitefield, Silver Ripples offers luxury 2 and 3BHK apartments that suits an international lifestyle. With prominent malls, multiplexes and IT parks close at hand, delivers you a perfect Work-Life balance.


Pranavam is another luxury 2BHK and 3BHK offering in Whitefield. It is built by integrating aesthetic design values and contemporary technology.


Lake Breeze offers luxurious 2, 3 & 4 BHK apartments that oversees the Thubarahalli Lake while well connected to old airport road and in the vicinity of well-known locations like Ryan International School, Kundanahalli Gate, Sankara Eye Hospital and Hindustan Lever Limited.


Sumadhura Essenza is located at Hosur Road and in the vicinity of the largest IT/ITES Hubs of India. It offers premium 1BHK, 2BHK and 3BHK apartments and is surrounded by reputed educational institutions, renowned hospitals and entertainment centers.

Smart home technology:

There are a lot of ways technology will make life easier at home. Concerns such as whether the coffee maker is still on or are the lights are still on, make us less productive during the day. You feel helpless, and you’re stuck worrying until you get home again. Homes with smart technology are breaking that cycle.

Imagine simply taking out your smart phone and pressing a button to turn off the lights. And at the end of the day, using your phone again to turn on your heat, the lights, and your favourite music before you even leave the office. Making homes SMART is a growing trend that has gone from button-press security systems to controlling and observing your home even while on the move.

Here are 5 Trends in Smart Home Technology:

1. Décor-Friendly Gadgets: Home automation technology can easily blend in better with your décor than other traditional devices. TechCrunch highlights thermostats with good design that are aesthetically pleasing, and smart door locks that look sleek and modern.

2. Programmable Thermostats: Have you ever heated or cooled your home for no one? Turn the heat on or down from anywhere with your smart phone or tablet with a programmable thermostat. Zone-based thermostats also use motion sensors and heat only occupied rooms making them efficient.

3. Wireless Power Controls: Home automation allows you to control devices with a single touch. Devices such as music systems, entertainment systems, could all be controlled with your device or remote controls.

4. Automated Door Locks: If you’re carrying heavy grocery bags or a crying child, unlocking your door can be quite a task. Smart locks take the guesswork out of using a key by automating your front door to unlock or even open as you approach your home.

5. Advanced Security Systems: Safety of your loved ones is a top priority for everyone. It is simple to set up and arm the security system and other alarms while you’re away with the touch of a button on your devices.

Why choose Whitefield for buying your new home?

Whitefield, the jewel of the eastern suburbs in Bangalore has grown over the years into one of the most preferred residential neighborhoods in city. Located at a distance of 25 kilometers to both the Ban galore city Railway station and the Bangalore city Bus terminal, Whitefield has good connectivity to the city center. Also here there are a number of MNCs and IT parks such as International Technology Park that houses more than 40 IT companies, SJR I-Park and Sigma Technology Park, making it not only the preferred destination for buying residential properties but is also the preferred location for Corporates to invest in land as well.  As the number of houses in Whitefield increased drastically, it invariably led to the need for basic requirements such as schools for children, hospitals for the elderly and sick, public transport services and good connecting roads  to name a few. Catering to the masses, there are many shopping and entertainment hot spots here too. Phoenix market city, which is one of the most popular retail mall brands in the country is favored by many for either shopping, grabbing a bite at many of the food joints it houses and even for watching the latest movies in the PVR. There are many other popular malls in Whitefield such as the InOrbit mall that is famous for its stores and food court, Ascendas Park Square mall renowned for its quality infrastructure and lifestyle environments that offers premium international shopping experience for customers. People from around the city visit Whitefield for many things it has to offer.

While many factors are gaining ground on the traditional list of a typical home buyer, the actual location of the property is THE factor that requires most thought. For some, proximity to the workplace is utmost important, while for others presence of well-developed infrastructure is top priority. Due to realistic property values, within no time coupled with robust social and physical infrastructure, the area grabbed the eyeballs of varied professional class. One particular developer that offers well built homes to suit all the home buyer’s needs is Sumadhura Infracon Pvt Ltd. With several residential projects at meticulously selected locations in the heart of Whitefield, they are the preferred choice of over 1800 plus families for its high quality and affordability.

Projects offered by Sumadhura Infracon include:

Enjoy tranquility & luxury in the 2BHK and 3BHK apartments developed at pristine surroundings with world class amenities. Located at Seegehalli, Very close to ITPL Tech Park. The project is in the vicinity of leading tech parks and many of Whitefield’s distinguished landmarks like Forum Value Mall, Hope Farms and Satya Sai Hospital.

Wrap yourself in the luxury of Silver Ripples where you and your family can enjoy all the comforts of the good life. Located behind ITPL in Whitefield, the luxury 2BHK and 3BHK apartments offer you an international lifestyle. With prominent malls, multiplexes and IT parks close at hand, it is perfect for those looking for a Work-Life balance.

At SUMADHURA PRANAVAM, aesthetic design values and contemporary technology are integrated to produce some of the finest, luxurious and affordable living spaces in Bangalore for our customers.

Cozy Shelters, Gentle Wind and the feeling of natural ecstasy, all of this is delivered to you around a beautiful lake. The luxurious 2BHK, 3BHK & 4 BHK apartments overseas the Thubarahalli Lake while also well connected to old airport road. It is also in the vicinity of well-known locations like Ryan International School, Kundanahalli Gate, Sankara Eye Hospital and Hindustan Lever Limited.

Sumadhura Essenza is a 14 storied architectural marvel, which is designed to provide life’s 2 most essential elements: abundant lighting and ventilation. With 132 residential apartments in luxurious 1BHK, 2BHK and 3 BHK configurations, Sumadhura Essenza is located at Hosur Road and in the vicinity of the largest IT/ITES Hubs of India. Surrounded by reputed educational institutions, renowned hospitals and entertainment centers, Sumadhura Essenza is the ideal place for buying your new home.

Christmas celebrations around the world

There are a lot of countries where Christmas is celebrated in unique and wonderful ways, where family and friends get together to celebrate the birth of Christ. Here are a few ways they are celebrated around the world.


During Christmas time, weather in Argentina is on the warmer side. People here begin preparations in early December and houses here are beautifully decorated with lights and wreaths of green, gold, red and white flowers. With a majority of people here being Catholics, they celebrate Advent here as well. Another Christmas Eve night tradition are ‘Globos’, paper decorations with a light inside that fills the skies on Christmas eve after midnight.


With many similar traditions shared with its neighbor Germany, Austria has many Christmas customs of its own. Most families here have a wreath made from evergreen twigs decorated with ribbons and four candles during Advent. Christmas markets are setup from early November in most of the towns in Austria. Every town also has a huge Christmas tree placed in the town square and trees at homes are decorated with gold and silver ornaments and stars made from straw.


Christmas in Ethiopia is celebrated on January 7th as the Ethiopian Orthodox Church still follows the old Julian calendar. Most people get dressed in a traditional garment called “Shamma”, which is a thin white cotton cloth with brightly colored stripes across the end. People here also fast on Christmas Eve and it’s also a tradition that one of the Wise Men who visited Jesus came from Ethiopia. A traditional Christmas food in Ethiopia is ‘Wat’, which is a thick and spicy stew that contains meat, vegetables and eggs.


Although only a small percentage of people in Indonesia are Christians, it still accounts to about 20 million Christians. People here usually go to church services on Christmas Eve and on Christmas day. Christmas trees used here are mostly artificial ones with beautiful and colorful decorations. Must have foods during Christmas here are cookies covered with powdered sugar and cheese.


Like many countries, Christmas is a special time where most of the radio channels play carols all through the holidays. People here paint their houses and hang new curtains and other decorations for Christmas. The traditional Jamaican Christmas meal include fresh fruits, sorrel and rum punch and meat. Jamaican red wine and rum fruitcake is also traditional and is eaten in most homes.

South Korea:

Compared to other neighboring Asian countries, South Korea has more number of Christians and hence Christmas is celebrated more widely. Churches are decorated with lights and many have a bright red neon cross on top that goes well with the lights. Christmas tradition here includes exchanging gifts and the popular Christmas food is the Christmas cake.


Christmas in Venezuela is one of the most colorful compared to other Latin American countries. The traditional Christmas music is the “Gaita” and is played on instruments such as a guitar with four strings, a Venezuelan drum and a ribbed tube on which you rub a stick up and down. Traditional Venezuelan Christmas foods include ‘Hallacas’, which is a mixture of beef, pork, chicken, capers, raisins and olives that are wrapped in maize and plantain leaves and tied up with a string into a parcel and then boiled or steamed later.


For many people in Zimbabwe, Christmas day starts with a church service, followed by a party with family and friends. Only the main room in the house is often decorated in Zimbabwe, with plants like Ivy.  The special food eaten at Christmas in Zimbabwe is Chicken with rice. Chicken is expensive in Zimbabwe and is a special treat for Christmas that is often eaten at the Christmas Day parties.


In Mexico, Christmas is celebrated from the December 12th to January 6th. The outside of houses are decorated with evergreens, moss and paper lanterns. A popular game often played in Christmas parties is the “piñata”, which is a decorated clay or papier-mâché jar filled with sweets and hung from the ceiling or tree branch. Children are blind-folded and take it in turns to hit the piñata with a stick until it splits open and the sweets pour out. Although Christmas trees are becoming more popular in Mexico, the main decoration is the “nacimiento”. It’s traditional to eat a special cake called ‘Rosca de Reyes’ (Three Kings Cake) on Epiphany.


Most people in Spain go to midnight mass called “The mass of the Rooster” as a rooster is supposed to have crowed the night that Jesus was born. Many families eat their main Christmas meal on Christmas Eve before the service. After the midnight service, people walk through the streets carrying torches, playing guitars and beating on tambourines and drums. Another festival that is celebrated in Spain about the Christmas story is “Epiphany”. Many large towns and cities have epiphany parades with each king having a big float shaped like a camel.


Merry Christmas!

The Best Destinations to Celebrate Christmas:

With the Christmas holidays season just round the corner, there are many aspects of it which are often time consuming. Most people with a busy work life don’t get much time to figure out things like how and where to celebrate Christmas, where to shop and much more. This blog is intended to makes things easy for those looking to travel for the holidays this year. Here is a list of 10 of the best places in the world we think you would love to spend your Christmas with family and friends.

Ferndale, California

Before human settlements, Ferndale was glade of giant ferns and coast redwood. Located in the western state of California, United States, Ferndale contains a number of Victorian storefronts and homes. It is situated on the edge of a plain near the Eel River and with vast expanses of coastal redwood forests Ferndale is a perfect place to spend your Christmas holidays.

North Pole, Alaska

A great place for families with children to spend Christmas is the North Pole in Alaska, United States. Part of the Fairbanks, Alaska Metropolitan statistical area, North Pole is a suburb that stretches between Fort Wainwright and Elson Air force base, and between the Chena and Tanana rivers. There are very few places where you can enjoy a sleigh ride pulled by real reindeers.

New York City

Being the most populous city in the United States, New York city is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Located on one of the world’s largest natural harbours and New York can trace its roots back to 1624.With a number of attractions in the city for all ages, such as ice skating at Rockefeller Centre and horse-drawn carriage rides through snowy Central Park, New York City is the quintessential Christmas holiday vacation choice.


Planning to spend Christmas in the tropics soaking up the sun? Here are several of the popular sun spots around the world for spending your vacation.

Spain’s Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are located just off the southern coast of Morocco, Spain. Vast stretches of beaches with crystal clear waters and other natural attractions such like the Teide national park make the Canary Islands an ideal vacation spot to spend time with family.


Grenada is a Caribbean country that consists of a main island and six smaller islands surrounding it. With colourful homes and Georgian buildings there are number of other attractions such as the early-18th-century Fort George and a number of well-placed resorts around the island. Enjoy a Caribbean Christmas on the “Island of Spice” that is also famous for its gourmet quality organic cocoa.


Turkey is a nation located on the southern shores of the Black sea. Straddling Eastern Europe and Western Asia, Turkey is a country influenced by multiple cultures from the east and west. Spend Christmas strolling on the Mediterranean shores while savouring the experiences and sparkling blue sea.

Mount Kilimanjaro:

With an elevation of 5,895 mts, Mount Kilimanjaro is a dormant volcanic mountain in Tanzania and is the highest mountain in Africa. A trek to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, exploring the sub-Saharan rain forest will provide a completely non-traditional and unique Christmas experience for all.

A Holiday Ranch in Tucson, Arizona:

Tucson city is located in the North American Sonoran desert in Arizona surrounded by multiple mountain ranges. It is famous for its vintage shops, nightclubs and restaurants. Temperatures in Tucson will be comfortable during the holiday season, making it a perfect time to visit a guest ranch to enjoy the cowboy spirit of the west.

Myres Castle, Scotland:

Myres castle in Scotland is an authentic and well preserved castle which is fully staffed and can house 18 guests. Dating back to 1530 and spread across a 44-acre estate, it is one of the major tourist attractions in Scotland. Enjoy the holidays and experience the beauty of Scottish life from the magnificent 16th century luxury castle.

Swedish Lapland:

Lapland, often Anglicized as Lapland, is a province in northernmost part of Sweden. Among our favourite choices for Christmas vacation ideas that we’ve explored, The Swedish Lapland, Ice hotels, reindeer farms, sled dog and sled dog rides await visitors in this ethereal part of the world.

Source: Wikipedia

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November Rain

This past week, Bangalore received an extensive amount of rainfall on consecutive nights. This has drastically decreased the city’s temperature. Although the rain played spoil sport for those who were looking forward to bursting crackers, the environmentalists were undoubtedly happy that this Diwali the celebrations caused less pollution. Looking back at previous records of rainfall in Bangalore, it can be seen that the city has had many such instances of uninterrupted rain tossing city life to a frenzy.

The information presented below gives detailed historical monthly average weather conditions along with exceptional weather occurrences. To maintain relevance to current weather trends the displayed information has been calculated using data collected over the past two decades. The climate profile is taken from closest available data source to Bangalore.


All through this November daytime temperatures will generally reach highs of around 27°C that’s about 81°F. At night the average minimum temperature will drop down to around 18°C, that’s 64°F. Over the past decade, the highest recorded temperature in November has been 33°C that’s 91°F, with the lowest recorded temperature 12°C, about 54°F.

Relative Humidity

The average daily relative humidity for the month of November is around 73%.

Heat Index

The Heat Index is a measure of how hot it feels when relative humidity is added to the actual air temperature. From this a comfort level is calculated providing categories on how heat conditions might adversely affect people.

Comfort Levels: Given average maximum temperatures and humidity levels caution is advised. Fatigue is possible with prolonged exposure and/or physical activity for those in high risk groups of possible heat disorders (see heat index for more information).


The average monthly amount of precipitation in Bangalore has been recorded at around 62 mm, that’s 2 inches. Throughout the month you can expect to see rain or drizzle falling on 7 or more days of the month.

Estimated Hours of Sunshine per Day

Sunshine hours per day is calculated using our past forecast data. For November expect the sun to shine for an average of 5 hours per day. This represents the average number of hours in the daytime that the sun is visible and not obscured by cloud e.g. the average number of hours the sun is actually out and shining.

Note: Number of hours of sunshine per day is calculated using our past forecast data, not observation data, thus it is an estimate and not actual.


The average daily wind speed in November in Bangalore has been around 5 km/h, that’s the equivalent to about 3 mph, or 3 knots. In recent years the maximum sustained wind speed has reached 89 km/h, that’s the equivalent of around 55 mph, or 48 knots.


On average the month of November is not affected by foggy conditions.

On the whole, it has been a chilling and wet November this time around in Bangalore. With variations in climatic conditions throughout the world, it is going to be interesting to see how the weather in Bangalore is going to play out.

Source: http://www.myweather2.com