Whitefield.. the new Residential Paradise

Whitefield in all its glory is considered the IT Hub of the country’s IT capital Bangalore. This created an influx of professionals looking to live close to their work places thereby increasing the demand for homes in Whitefield. In the earlier days, before the IT boom took over, Whitefield was just another neighbourhood in the outskirts of the city. Since the late 90’s and early 2000’s, a number of residential projects have been implemented here catering to the needs of millions.

Whitefield, which is located in the east of the Bangalore, grown over the years into one of the most preferred residential neighbourhoods in city. With good connectivity to the city centre, people from around the city visit Whitefield for many things it has to offer. Located here in Whitefield are a number of MNCs and IT parks such as International Technology Park that houses more than 40 IT companies, SJR I-Park and Sigma Technology Park, making it not only the preferred destination for buying residential properties but is also the preferred location for Corporates to invest in land as well.  As the number of houses in Whitefield increased drastically, it invariably led to the need for basic requirements such as schools for children, hospitals for the elderly and sick, public transport services and good connecting roads  to name a few. Catering to the masses, there are many shopping and entertainment hot spots here too. Phoenix market city, which is one of the most popular retail mall brands in the country is favoured by many for either shopping, grabbing a bite at many of the food joints it houses and even for watching the latest movies in the PVR. There are many other popular malls in Whitefield such as the InOrbit mall that is famous for its stores and food court, Ascendas Park Square mall renowned for its quality infrastructure and lifestyle environments that offers premium international shopping experience for customers.

In Bangalore, which is significantly growing with time, the real estate market in Whitefield is on the rise and is becoming hot selling property attracting a lot of investors for properties that include hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, housing and commercial complexes. With benefits such as low volatility when it comes to investing in real estate and the steady increase in the real estate market, investing in property tends to give stability to your investments. The major advantage for people buying an apartment in Whitefield is that you are never too far from the essentials such as public transport facilities, restaurants, fast food joints, shopping malls, hospitals and more. With wide roads leading to and from most parts of Whitefield, it is a transit point from where people can travel to various parts of the inner city or to other southern states via roads like old Madras road and national highways 7 and 4 that leads to the neighbouring states like Tamil Nadu. Now seems to be right time and Whitefield the right place to invest in residential properties as investors here are gaining huge profits and good return of Investments.


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